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SELFIBA (sale and finance back) is a form of financing for property owners in special situations. SELFIBA replaces existing mortgages and grants to the owner an exclusive right to repurchase...

Real estate sales with option
SELFIBA - Sell-and-Finance-back

Particularly in economically difficult times it is good to own property. Shares rise and fall, a good property, however, has always its value. Nevertheless, it happens that you have to sell your property, because for some reason much liquidity is needed. If the bank a further lending of a property does not agree, an optimal sales price cannot be achieved. Exactly in this case, you can now use SELFIBA as a property owner.

Although in this financing model you will sell your property, but you can purchase it back within one year. Additionally, you will receive further liquidity that will creates the space to invest in other projects. So you win the most important factor in such cases: time.

Solution for special situations
Financing without a bank

But SELFIBA not only supports you in implementing your projects. Even in an emergency, if a property as is nearing an auction, it may make sense to use the SELFIBA model. Especially in foreclosures, often not even the existing mortgage debts are achieved and the owner not only loses his house, but remains with high residual debts.

Depending on the case and the level of the existing debts, SELFIBA takes over properties before a possible sanction and gives you as the owner the opportunity to purchase them back at an agreed time. Also in this case, depending on the market value of the property, SELFIBA delivers to you as the owner further liquidity, to resolve your situation.

A unique financing concept!

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